5 Reasons Why You Should Choose TalentOrg for Hiring Remote Engineers

Whether you are the founder of a new startup or the CEO of a successful organization planning to take advantage of the global pool of talent, you can now do it effortlessly and efficiently with TalentOrg.
TalentOrg combines the three aspects of hiring remote engineers and makes life easier for any US company planning to take advantage of global engineering talent, especially from Asia and Latin America.
Most remote hiring companies on the market either provide a platform or a service, but TalentOrg offers both for employers to ensure seamless hiring and collaboration.
TalentOrg differs from other freelance and remote developer hiring solutions in the following ways.
1. Fully-Vetted Professionals
All the engineers and other professionals on the TalentOrg network go through an extensive and rigorous vetting process. Each TaelntOrg engineer goes through a four-step interview process: a personality test, a written test to evaluate technical skills, a live coding challenge, and a trial project. The interview process ensures that only the top 1% of the engineers make the cut.
2. Global Sourcing
Go global with TalentOrg and find the best engineers from around the world. Our platform allows employers from the US to hire and work with highly skilled, highly productive, and affordable developers from different parts of the world. Whether you need a few engineers for your startup or a few pods while scaling the company, TalentOrg ensures that you get the best of engineers working for you in no time.
3. Software-Assisted Team & Project Management
TalentOrg provides a cloud-based project and team management suite for employers. The TalentOrg platform provides a 360-degree view of what the team is working on and how everything's going. Virtual Office offers real-time status updates and communication with each remote team member. In addition, AI-powered communication tools facilitate communication across the globe.
4. Transparent Pricing & Compliance
TalentOrg has straightforward pricing: a daily rate per engineer. Rates vary between professionals based on their experience and expertise level. Employers review the all-inclusive rate estimates beforehand and do not have to deal with hidden costs. TalentOrg takes care of global payments and compliance in hiring or managing a global team.
5. Build Your Global Team in Less Than Two Weeks
The time it takes to hire and onboard a global engineering team often discourages American employers from trying it out. At TalentOrg, we strive to ensure our customers can hire and onboard their remote team in just a couple of weeks. As an employer, all you need to do is contact our team today and let us know your hiring needs.